Environmental policy

Nobody should be indifferent to the quality of the environment we live in and next generations are going to live in too. We can show our responsibility towards our environment, among other things, by the choices we make when buying certain products as well and by the way we treat them after their life cycle is over.

We in Vinity take pride in our environment-friendly attitude. While it's become a common practice to hand printers and other electronic devices over to waste collection points, it is usually not yet the case with printer cartridges.

This is why we arrange the following services for our customers - free of charge:
a) Gathering & collection of empty cartridges
b) Sorting of individual components
c) Eco-friendly disposal of cartridges and components

You can significantly contribute to environment protection by means of providing your empty cartridges to Vinity as well as by purchasing of Alternative Consumer Material Vinity.

Did you know?

In case your device has been damaged by usage of Vinity toners, we take over all the valid guarantees including the warranty and post-warranty service on these devices.