Copyright Vinity 2013/10

To all contents of the website, the following provisions apply:

1) Copyright

All data, i.e. texts as well as any image contents comprising elements of design, are included into the intellectual property of, if not stated otherwise. In such a case it is necessary to refer to the 3rd provision (Contents not owned by Vinity) and to assess the copyright according to it.

2) The actual use of the Contents

In the case of any manipulation with the data coming from it is necessary to follow the law of the Czech Republic, namely Act 121/2000 Coll., which regulates the copyright and any related rights.
This means that any presentation of data from without indicating the original source, which can be either the above mentioned website or Vinity itself, or even declaring materials from this website as one's own work, shall be judged and possibly penalized in accordance with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic.

3) Contents not owned by Vinity

There are texts and image media on this website, which have not been created by Vinity and thus they have another copyright owner. In such a case, there is always stated their original source next to them, unless has signed a contract with the copyright owner, which allows that Vinity uses the owner's material without indicating their author. In such a case, the subject taking over the data is obliged to indicate website as their source although the contents may not necessarily belong to Vinity. If the origin of material is stated directly, the next subject to handle the material must follow the legal requirements of the author.

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