Considering the fact we produce our toner cartridges acc. to ISO 9001:2009, ISO 14001:2005 and to the norms regulating the utilization ratio of the cartridges plus the fact we always use new, non-recycled inside components, we provide a 48-month warranty for all our cartridges and lifetime warranty for their mechanical parts.

Thus, all our products are compatible cartridges and not refilled products of other brands. If a quality problem in a VINITY Product occurs, our customer has a right to have the Product exchanged for a new one.*

In the case of a machine damage due to use of the Vinity Alternative Consumer Material we guarantee and take over all applicable warranties including providing the warranty & postwarranty servicing for such devices. For approval of a machine repair request, it is necessary though that the customer sends Vinity a notice of damage to this e-mail address in advance: vinity@vinity.cz.

Should the customer have arranged repair of his damaged printing device without consulting the VINITY Service Department first, VINITY shall not pay the repair costs.

* Vinity will not exchange the following products: products the weight of which suggests they have been used up, other brand products and products that have been mechanically damaged by the user.

Did you know?

Our company offers more than 1400 different toners and cartridges in the best quality with 4 years warranty.